Directions of activities

Entrepreneurship laboratory seeks to create a favourable environment for the cooperation of innovatively thinking lecturers and students of VKK college, business partners and the general public ensuring help, mentoring and consultations for those who are starting and developing their business.

The main aim of this activity is to  develop the entrepreneurship abilities of VKK community and to improve the practical skills of entrepreneurship seeking to contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial personality while creating conditions for the establishment and implementation of new business ideas.

Main directions of activities:

  • Develop the activities of simulation company „Reda“, seeking to improve the entrepreneurship skills of the students and the lecturers who work in the simulation company.
  • Promote and increase entrepreneurship of students, interest them with business ideas and provide consulting for the implementation of the ideas.
  • Create the conditions for the members of VKK community to learn from each other and share their personal experience, strengthen teamwork while gaining the abilities of cooperation and sharing responsibilities, leadership and creativity.
  • Organize and take part in events, trainings, discussions promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Cooperate with different Lithuanian and foreign enterprises, institutions and organizations seeking to develop entrepreneurship abilities.