« / 2017 11 29 #VVKCHRISTMAS

CHRISTMAS like never before!

During this event you will hear live music, and get a chance to chat with musicians & performers.

We will have an amazing Christmas market where you will be able to find unique, hand-made gifts for you, your friends or family!

Be sure to check out the workshop area where you can learn Christmas decorations made with macramé technique or would you like to find out how you can decorate your little ginger cookies this year? Come and we will teach you the best technique! How does it sound?

Do you think that is all?
Video game tournaments with prizes, sumo matches, other table games here you will find THEM ALL.

By the way, have you heard about the mystery Christmas box? You haven't? Sounds interesting?
In this event we will be having an auction where you'll be able to bid for the mystery box and get Christmas-themed goodies!

After this event you will find a bunch of new friends and your social circle will expand!

And we only touched the surface of what is to come!
See you on Thursday, December 7th!
The event starts at 16:00 in VILNIUS BUSINESS COLLEGE (Kalvariju str. 129)
The event is FREE OF CHARGE.
Do not hesitate to take your friends, family and colleagues.