Who can provide information?

Information about the study process, schedule, grants, financial support and other issues related to the organisation and implementation of the studies is provided by Study Departments 

Information about subjects, final theses and other issues related to the curriculum and learning outcome standards is provided by Heads of Departments and Study Programme Supervisors will answer your questions about international relations, student and teacher exchange, work placement and internship abroad, and our international partners

All information regarding Lithuanian Student Indentity Card and other questions relevant for students – is available at Student Council

What kind of support is available?
  1. Financial support for studies;
  2. Special facilities;
  3. Psychological support:
  • If you feel lonely or not understood,
  • If you have a fear of public speaking,
  • If you feel home-sick,
  • If you find it hard to deal with the stress during the examination time,
  • If you feel miserable, and sad thoughts and the feeling of meaninglessness have become overwhelming,
  • If you can`t get on with your family and friends,
  • If you don`t like the way you feel and live...

Email to:

How do I order a written statement?

To order a statement online

What are my rights and responsibilities?

Students shall have a right to:

  • Participate in the selected study programme;
  • Follow an individual study plan;
  • Participate in more than one study programme or in the subject courses provided by the College or other higher education institution;
  • Receive information related to the studies;
  • Evaluate the study programme and the quality of its implementation;
  • Propose to add new subjects and new specialisations;
  • Choose a teacher where the same subject course is taught by several teachers;
  • Propose a topic for the final thesis or choose a topic from the several proposed topics;
  • Participate in scientific research, creative and artistic activities;
  • Participate in alternative assessment activities, where a student has impairment, due to which the student cannot participate in the evaluation process according to the set procedures, and where the alternative way of assessment shall ensure that the aims are achieved.
  • Apply to the College administration to transfer the grades obtained at the College or other Lithuanian or foreign higher education institution;
  • Participate in assessment of the subjects within a study programme as an external candidate in compliance with the set procedures laid by Director and the Academic Board;
  • Apply to the College administration and the Committee for Settlement of Disputes between students and the College administration and other staff (hereinafter - Dispute Settlement Committee) regarding an act of violating the rights and legitimate interests;
  • Withdraw from studies and re-enrol in compliance with the procedures laid by Director and the Academic Board;
  • Freely express views and opinions without prejudice to the rights of others;
  • Become a member of College advisory management bodies;
  • Elect the members of the Student council and become elected as a member of the Student council; freely join other associations;
  • Exercise other rights laid by the Lithuanian legislation, the College Statute and other regulatory acts.
Students shall be obliged to:
  • Study hard and perform the tasks outlined in the study programme;
  • Follow the College Statute, the Code of Academic Ethics, other legislation and internal administrative rules;
  • Respect the members of the College community and appropriately represent the College in public;
  • Respect the property of the College;
  • Act in compliance with the decisions made by the College management bodies, Heads of Departments of Study Programmes, Heads of Study Departments and Heads of other College`s units.
A student who has reason to believe that their rights or legitimate interests have been violated may apply to Director or his authorised representatives (contacts). On having received a student`s written application or claim, Director or his authorised representatives within 15 calendar days shall examine the application or claim and reply in writing. Where a student is dissatisfied with the reply to their application or claim written by Director or his authorised representatives or where the student has not received any reply within 15 calendar days, they shall have a right to apply to Dispute Settlement Committee.
How can I express my opinion: praise or disapproval?

If you would like to praise a teacher, or have interesting ideas, rational proposals, wishes, or would like to express disapproval, please SEND A MESSAGE.

What are the possibilities for self-realisation? How can I complete my programme of studies within a shorter period?
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Where can I get resources for my studies?
How do I communicate with the teachers?

If you need to ask questions regarding the subject, improve your assessment grade or resit an examination, use the Student/Teacher Appointment System (RS)

You can also communicate directly with a teacher via email. For registered users only.

Where can see my grades?


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Who are my representatives?
Student Council


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